Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Self Portraits

Room 13 have worked hard on our self portraits this term. We first of all had to sketch the other half of our face. This was a bit tricky! We had to learn about symmetry and had to make sure our faces looked the same. We tried very hard. Next we had to create a pattern for a border using pastels. Have a look at our efforts below. 


  1. Anonymous7:54 am

    What amazing self portrait art work Room 13. You did a super duper job. Can't wait to see these up in the classroom.
    Kylee (Natasha's Mum)

  2. Anonymous7:55 am

    I love to draw the half of our face and colour in the background. They look so cool room 13.

  3. When Miss Ramsay showed me your portraits, I was blown away! They look fantastic! Awesome job guys!
    From Mrs Burge

  4. Rm 13 your portraits looks amazing. Good job for trying your Best.