Friday, 5 May 2017


This week Room 13 learnt all about ANZAC day. We read a story called "Dawn Parade" to help us understand what it is about. We made poppies out of paper too.

Our poem this week was called "ANZAC Day Poem". Have a read below. 

April 25th a long time ago,
You went to battle at dawn, 
Many lost their lives that day, 
Together we will mourn.
More than that though, 
We will march and remember those brave men, 
For they went to war and battled on,
They fought for our freedom then. 
Through the darkest nights and the longest days,
Through muddy grounds you go, 
You marched on and looked behind, 
And you saw the poppies grow. 
We will wear one on this day, 
To remember your courage so strong, 
We want you to know that in our hearts,
Your memory still lives on. 

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  1. Tannah and Ray11:44 am

    ANZAC day is a very memorable day and learning about it helps us to remember our army. In our class we made posters and had a competition! What inspired you to make poppies?
    Tannah and Ray